We have a team of experienced and dynamic Khmer, U.S, and Chinese lawyers with different backgrounds who always care about the interests of our client first. Our key staffs are as follows: 

Sereyrath Kiri, Attorney at Law

Sereyrath Kiri (纪国平) has legal experience in Cambodia and the USA. He was a member of the first Cambodian team to join the Willem C. Vis Moot International Commercial Arbitration in Austria in 2010. A member of Cambodian Bar Association and New York State Bar, Mr. Sereyrath holds a master degree of laws (LL.M) from University of Washington, Seattle. Also, Sereyrath is a commercial arbitrator registered with the National Commercial Arbitration of Cambodia (NCAC).

Currently he teaches corporate, security, and contract laws at Royal University of Law and Economics. He speaks Khmer, English, Mandarin, and basic Thai.

Prior to founding the firm, he worked as a legal advisor at a leading regional law office in Phnom Penh providing legal advice and assistance to local and foreign investors across multiple practice areas including:

- Real estate and construction: drafting various real estate documents such as lease, sale and purchase, mortgage, and construction agreement. Advising on property transfer process, land due diligence, title conversion and consolidation. Preparing applications on long term lease registration, hypothec registration, and construction permit.

- Corporate and commercial: assisting in corporate matters such as doing company registration and dissolution, share transfer, and corporate compliance with Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation, and the Council for the Development of Cambodia. Applying for specific business license from some ministries and authorities. Drafting memorandum of advice and legal opinion on various corporate matters.

- Banking and finance : drafting financial documents such as loan, guarantee, escrow, and other security agreements. Advising on banking and microfinance license applications.

- Mining and Energy: applying for various mining and energy licenses for clients. Advising on merger and acquisition of local mining companies. Drafting and reviewing various agreements in this sectors such as supply agreement, construction agreement, and joint venture agreement.

- Taxes: advising on tax compliance and on specific business transactions.

- Citizenship and immigration: advising and assisting clients on their Cambodian and US immigration law matters such as citizenship and other immigration applications.

- Family Law: advising and assisting clients on their family law issues such as marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and will.

- Dispute resolution: advising on litigation and arbitration cases. Drafting legal memorandum and other necessary documents for submission to the judges and arbitrators.

Daniel Noonan, Attorney at Law

Daniel Noonan, graduated from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, has based in the region for over a decade - advising on investment and legal aspects of doing business in developing Indochina (Cambodia and Laos). Assistance with business registration/licensing; Land title and local company due diligence; Purchases and sales of land and condominium; Advising international restaurant and hotel franchisors; Advising on aircraft registration and de-registration, leasing, taking security over aircraft; Mergers/Acquisitions - acting for sellers/purchasers of shares in locally incorporated companies; Regulatory advice on telecommunications, media, internet technology, personal data privacy, data collection and protection.  Daniel is a U.S licensed lawyer in Illinois. 

Bun Chanheng, Attorney at Law
Mr. Chanheng holds his master degree of public administration on real estate from University of JEAN MOULIN LYON II and his English language based bachelor of laws from Royal University of Law and Economics. His practice areas include banking and finance, real estate, corporate and commercial litigation. Because of his extensive experiences, he has been appointed as a panel lawyer at some leading MFIs and Financial Institutions involving loan advice, contract, compliance, and litigation. Mr. Chanheng is a licensed lawyer with Cambodian Bar Association. 

Prior to joining Husky and Partners, Chanheng has worked at a leading law firm in Phnom Penh and involved in some international advocacy cases relating to business and human rights of Asian Development Bank and the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), an independent accountability mechanism for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). He speaks Khmer, English, and basic French.
Sophath Chou, Attorney at Law

Sophath Chou holds a Juris Doctorate from the Seattle University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Washington. Sophath's primary practice area is United States immigration law. With over 11 years experience, she is widely recognized in the field of immigration and frequently appears on US radio to discuss legal issues. Sophath is a U.S licensed lawyer in Washington State. 

Prior to joining our firm, Sophath worked for a boutique immigration law firm in Seattle, Washington and also served as an intern in the United States Senate. Sophath was born in Battambang, Cambodia and immigrated to the United States with her family as a child. She speaks Khmer and English.

Cody Colwell, Attorney at Law

Cody Colwell holds a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California and a Bachelor of Arts degree in new media technology from the University of Washington. His practice areas include United States immigration, family law, and elements of civil law including personal injury.

Prior to joining our firm, Cody practiced real estate and land use law for a leading consulting firm. He was a fellow with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He speaks English and is currently learning Khmer.

Lykea Ea, Attorney At Law

Lykea holds his bachelor and master degrees of laws from Build Bright University in Siem Reap where he focused his expertise in property and commercial laws. Because of this background, he has always assisted our clients with their transactions properly and with successful results. In addition, he also has a very good knowledge of tax and labor law. Lykea is a licensed lawyer with Cambodian Bar Association.

Prior to joining Husky &Partners, Lykea had worked as a court clerk and legal consultant for five years in a leading nonprofit organization based in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. He speaks Khmer and English.

Ge Wu, Legal Advisor

Ge Wu (吴葛holds a master degree of law from University of Washington School of Law and a bachelor of law from East China University of Political Science and Law in Seattle and in Shanghai, respectively.  Ge's main practice areas include corporate and commercial, foreign direct investment, banking and finance, compliance, and dispute resolution. 

Prior to joining Husky & Partners, Ge has worked as legal officer at a leading securities and investment firm based in Shanghai, China. She also used to work as a legal intern at a leading law office based in Boston while she was in the United States. Ge is a licensed Chinese lawyer. She speaks Chinese and English.

Sidoeun Kev, Legal Assistant

Sidoeun holds his bachelor degrees of laws from Royal University of Law and Economics where he focused his expertise in property, family, and commercial law. Because of this background, he has always assisted our clients with their matters properly and with successful results. In addition, he also has a very good knowledge of tax and investment law.

Prior to joining Husky & Partners, Sidoeun worked in a leading non-profit organization focusing on family and housing matters based in Phnom Penh city. He speaks Khmer and English.

Pisey TEANG, Legal Assistant

Pisey holds her bachelor degree of comparative French and Cambodian laws from University of LUMIÈRE LYON 2 relocated at Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). She is currently a student in master degree of International comparative law & International business law in University of LUMIÈRE LYON 2 and PARIS II, relocated at RULE.

Prior to joining Husky & Partners, Pisey first worked as a legal intern at Anti-Corruption Unit in Phnom Penh. She speaks Khmer, English, and basic French.